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So I saw this great icon...

So I saw this great icon....
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This is a community in which to post funny, interesting, or amazing icons found on LiveJournal. It is not an icon-making comm, an icon-requesting comm, or an icon-advice comm. Think metaquotes for icons.

If you wish to post on topics relating to icons but are not posting an icon, please contact the mod first. I generally say yes and it saves wank if you can say "The mod gave me permission" in your post. I am the only mod and my contact email is copperbadge at gmail dot com.

We are a generally amiable place, but we do have quite a few rules because we are dealing with art, rights to art, and rights to use art. So.

The Ten Commandments Ground Rules:


1. No posting your own icons, either icons you own or icons you've made. That's what you have EVERY OTHER POST EVER for. The exception to this is if you are searching for the original author. If you are, please see rule 4.

2. Do not post an icon without permission. If you have contacted the creator of the icon and gotten no response, do not post the icon. I know, it might be the coolest icon ever, but we've had complaints about this. Don't do it. The exception to this is if you are searching for the original author. If you are, please see rule 4.

3. If you don't know if the icon you're posting is available for use or not, it's not. You need to either say "It's not gackable" if you didn't ask about gackability, or ask this when you ask for permission to post. It's very easy. "Your icon is awesome. Can I post it in Userpicks? If so, do you give permission for others to use it?" You are perfectly welcome to post icons that are not available for use, as long as permission has been given.

4. If you don't know who made it, you may post to ask about authorship, but if someone informs you definitively who made it, you MUST contact that person and make sure it's okay that their icon is there. If they say it's not, you must take the post down.

5. Please do not post an icon until you have been a member for at least ten days. This will give you time to avoid re-posting recently posted icons. Lurking is a proven way of preventing making a fool of yourself. Double-posts will be deleted at the discretion of the mod.

Using Icons found on Userpicks:

6. Don't steal the icons you see here. Unless it is specifically mentioned that the icon is free to a good home, it is not yours to take.

Controversial Icons:

7. If the icon is not worksafe, please put it behind a cut. "Not Worksafe" is at the mod's discretion, but broadly means any image with genitalia, Teh Boobehs, sex acts, or particularly nasty sayings involved. Hey, I didn't make up the Fascist Filter. Hate the game, not the player. If I tell you to cut it, please cut it. I don't like pulling rank but I will if I have to.

8. Please don't flame anyone for an opinion expressed in an icon, but likewise, please don't post flagrantly disrespectful icons here. Racist, sexist, and particularly religiously offensive icons will not be tolerated. Removal is at the discretion of the mod.

8a. I know it seems fun, but bashing George Dubyah gets really old, really fast, and we have people of all political afiliations here. Use your discretion.

9. Livejournal, Journalfen, and Greatestjournal icons are acceptable, but Livejournal is preferable because it's easiest to credit LJ icons. Icons must be 100 pixels square or less.

10. Have fun and play nicely, children.

In conclusion:

Taking a leaf from _redpanda_'s book, may she rest in peace: Yes, I do delete off-topic or rule-breaking posts, and I do ban users who can't follow the rules or who give me grief. However, I'm not a tyrant; I may also make exceptions because this is a fun comm and I'm nice that way. If you have a problem with the way I handle things here, leave.
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